2013 MLB Mock Draft: Landing Spots for Top College Sluggers

With a MLB breeze this week (Thursday, Jun 6) it’s time to take a closer demeanour during where some of a tip prospects are expected to land.

In this book of a ridicule draft, I’ll concentration on a few college sluggers that have dominated during a collegiate turn and demeanour staid to make a vast dash in a veteran ranks.

While college pitchers will browbeat a initial turn and high propagandize prospects always offer a many amour and mystery, these college sluggers could have a brief tour to a vast leagues.


1. Houston Astros: Jonathan Gray, RHP, Oklahoma

 Mark Appel competence be a tip prospect, yet he’s proven to be formidable to pointer in a past, something a Astros competence wish to avoid. Besides, Gray is frequency a trashy backup plan—he has been illusory for a Sooners this year, going 9-2 with a 1.55 ERA and 127 strikeouts in 110 innings. 


2. Chicago Cubs: Mark AppelRHP, Stanford 

Whereas a Astros competence demur to understanding with Appel, we doubt a Cubs will hesitate. Appel was unequivocally clever again this season, going 10-4 with a 2.12 ERA and 130 strikeouts in 106.1 innings. He’s a strikeout appurtenance and a destiny ace—the Cubs will obstacle him yet reservation.


3. Colorado Rockies: Kris Bryant, 3B/OF, San Diego 

You wish power? Kris Bryant has power.

Arguably a tip hitter in this category and simply a awaiting with a many power, Bryant strike .340 with a conspicuous 31 home runs and 62 RBI for San Diego this season. He’ll substantially need to pierce to a outfield in a vast leagues, yet given his pop, who cares?

Yes, a Rockies need arms. But it’s tough to see Colorado flitting adult on a draft’s premier energy hitter. 


4. Minnesota Twins: Kohl Stewart, RHP/OF/3B, St. Pius X HS (Texas) 

 This is a unsure collect for a Twins, as Kohl Stewart is one of the top quarterback prospects in a republic and has already committed to Texas AM to play football and baseball. But he’s a best high propagandize pitcher in this draft, hands down, and an glorious contestant on tip of that. In other words, he’s value a risk.


5. Cleveland Indians: Austin Meadows, OF/1B, Grayson HS (Georgia) 

Austin Meadows has five-tool intensity and could go as high as No. 3 to a Rockies. The Indians will gladly waylay him adult and wish he develops into an chosen outfielder. 


6. Miami Marlins: Trey Ball, LHP/OF, New Castle HS (Indiana)

Ball is another high propagandize pitcher that could make a transition to another position if he can’t cut it on a mound. Fans competence wish to see a Marlins collect a some-more determined college actor that could fast strech a majors, yet Ball is a best actor on a house during this point. 


7. Boston Red Sox: Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina

Colin Moran doesn’t have many weaknesses as a player. He was the ACC Player of a Year, attack .357 with 13 home runs and 83 RBI (which led a nation).

Oh, and he’s also a good adequate fielder to sojourn during third base, that severely increases his value.  

Moran doesn’t have a home-run cocktail of a Bryant, yet he’s a mechanically sound hitter that should strike for an glorious normal and expostulate in a lot of runs. If he can indeed stay during third, he’ll be a timber for years to come. 


8. Kansas City Royals: Clint Frazier, OF, Loganville HS (Georgia)

Clint Frazier grades out pretty similarly to Meadows, sacrificing a small bit in terms of intensity yet entrance with some-more gloss to his diversion already. The Royals will be removing a unequivocally earnest long-term plan here. 


9. Pittsburgh Pirates: Braden ShipleyRHP, Nevada

It’s no tip that a White Sox like college arms and in Braden Shipley they’ll be removing one who went 7-3 with a 2.77 ERA and 102 strikeouts in 107.1 innings this deteriorate for Nevada. Don’t be astounded if Shipley is one of a initial players from this breeze in a vast leagues. 


10. Toronto Blue Jays: Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford

Though a college player, Austin Wilson is a bit of a plan and didn’t have a good year in 2012, attack .288 with 5 home runs and 26 RBI. However, given his distance and athleticism, it’s tough to see him dropping unequivocally distant down a board. 


11. New York Mets: Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno St.

Aaron Judge competence be a ball player, yet he certain looks like he belongs on a basketball court.

Standing during 6’7″ and weighing 255 pounds, Judge is utterly the anomaly for an outfielder and a earthy specimen. He also has a rocket for an arm and strike .369 with 12 home runs and 36 RBI this season, so he backs adult his vast support with copiousness of production. 

He’ll pitch and skip plenty, sure, yet with his arm and power, he has right margin created all over him. Some competence consider this collect to be a reach, yet a Mets will have a tough time flitting adult his potential. 

12. Seattle Mariners: Ryne StanekRHP, Arkansas

Ryne Stanek competence not have been a ACC Pitcher of a Year this season—that respect went to North Carolina’s Kent Emanuel—but he simply could have been after going 9-2 with a 1.40 ERA and 76 strikeouts in 90 innings. Solid collect here for a Mariners. 


13. San Diego Padres: JP Crawford, SS, Lakewood HS (California)

JP Crawford competence be a vital league-ready fielder, as he’s a expert a shortstop. However, he’ll be a plan behind a plate, where he has copiousness of room to grow. For a group that unequivocally needs to block a hole during shortstop, a wait creates sense.


14. Pittsburgh Pirates: Reese McGuire, C, Kentwood HS (Washington)

Reese McGuire is a tip catcher on a house and a singular multiply during a position that both hits for energy and swings from a left side of a plate. Like any other high propagandize catcher, he’s a project, yet also utterly a take for a Pirates during No. 14. 


15. Arizona Diamondbacks: DJ Peterson, 1B/3B, New Mexico

DJ Peterson creates a clever evidence for being a tip slugger in this category after attack .411 with 18 home runs and 70 RBI for New Mexico this season. He’ll substantially need to play initial bottom or in a outfield during a subsequent level, yet he has a arrange of energy that overshadows that fact. 


16. Philadelphia Phillies: Jon Denney, C, Yukon HS (Oklahoma)

The Phillies need to find a long-term deputy for a aging Carlos Ruiz. Jon Denney, come on down!


17. Chicago White Sox: Sean ManaeaLHP, Indiana State

Another in a prolonged list of nasty college arms, Sean Manaea has disagreeable things and is a tall, well-spoken lefty. He didn’t have his best season, however, that substantially cost him a top-10 selection. Still, he finished 5-4 with a 1.47 ERA and 93 strikeouts in 73.1 innings, so we don’t see him dropping out of a tip 20 selections. 


18. Los Angeles Dodgers: Chris Anderson, RHP, Jacksonville

Expect college pitchers to browbeat a initial round. And design Anderson to join a celebration before long. With a fastball that reaches a upper-90s, 4 pitches he commands good and plain control overall, it’s no tip he went 7-5 with a 2.54 ERA and 101 strikeouts in 104.2 innings.


19. St. Louis Cardinals: Jonathon Crawford, RHP, Florida

Oh look, another college pitcher. Jonathon Crawford didn’t have a good statistical deteriorate (3-6 with a 4.03 ERA and 64 strikeouts in 80.1 innings this season), yet he has nasty things and a ton of upside. 


20. Detroit Tigers: Billy McKinney, OF/1B, Plano West HS (Texas)

Billy McKinney is a gamer, pristine and simple. Scouts adore his rival glow and smooth, easy stroke, dual things that bode unequivocally good for his future. 


21. Tampa Bay Rays: Marco Gonzales, LHP, Gonzaga

The Rays are another group that likes college arms and Marco Gonzales is a good one, display off with an chosen changeup and plain command. He finished 7-3 with a 2.80 ERA and 96 strikeouts in 106 innings for Gonzaga this deteriorate and shouldn’t have a extensive stay in a minors. 


22. Baltimore Orioles: Ryan EadesRHP, LSU

On a built LSU group this deteriorate Eades stood out, going 8-1 with a 2.70 ERA and 71 strikeouts in a tough SEC. With nasty things that has been tested opposite one of a tip leagues in a country, Eades is an glorious value during No. 22. 


23. Texas Rangers: Ian ClarkinLHP/1B/OF, James Madison HS

The wish for Ian Clarkin will be that he stays during pitcher, given well-spoken lefties don’t accurately grow on trees. But he’s a and contestant and could transition to an bland purpose as well, creation this versatile awaiting a safe investment for a Rangers. 


24. Oakland Athletics: Bobby WahlRHP, Ole Miss

Bobby Wahl was an comprehensive capsule for Ole Miss this season, going 9-0 with a 1.99 ERA and 76 strikeouts. He’ll substantially transition to a bullpen during a subsequent level, where his and fastball and slider will be a handful for hitters. 


25. San Francisco Giants: Dominic Smith, 1B, LHP, OF, Sierra HS (California)

Like Moran, Dominic Smith doesn’t have a ton of home-run energy yet will expostulate in copiousness of runs given he peppers a gaps. He’s also a plain fielder, creation him a nice, well-rounded prospect. 


26. New York Yankees: Andrew Thurman, RHPUC Irvine

Look for a Yankees to deposit heavily in pitchers this draft. Andrew Thurman boasts 4 plain pitches and a formula to behind adult his potential, going 6-4 with a 3.23 ERA and 91 strikeouts in 100.1 innings for UC Irvine this season.


27. Cincinnati Reds: Hunter Renfroe, OF, Mississippi State

Hunter Renfroe is a finish descent actor (.362, 48 runs, 15 home runs, 51 RBI, 9 stolen bases), yet he’ll sniff utterly a bit. Still, a ex-catcher has a clever arm and a clever descent ability set, definition he could be off a house even sooner. 


28. St. Louis Cardinals: Phillip Ervin, OF, Samford

Phillip Ervin is a destiny lead-off hitter. He strike .337 with 58 runs, 11 home runs, 40 RBI and 11 stolen bases this deteriorate for Samford, so between his plain fielding and ability to beget runs, he’ll be a profitable commodity for a Cardinals. 


29. Tampa Bay Rays: Tim Anderson, SS/OF, East Central CC

The Rays tend to aim dual forms of projects—college arms or “toolsy” players with a lot of upside. Tim Anderson fulfills a latter, a sharp shortstop who doesn’t have most downside.


30. Texas Rangers: Ryan Boldt, OF, Red Wing HS (Minnesota)

Ryan Boldt is really a project, yet he’s a five-tool project, that is a form of awaiting we wish to breeze during a finish of a initial round. 


31. Atlanta Braves: Oscar Mercado, SS, Gaither HS (Florida)

Oscar Mercado is another shortstop awaiting that can convene margin a position yet will need to severely grow as a hitter to strech a subsequent level. Still, a intensity is there and a Braves will be removing a unequivocally good actor during this slot.


32. New York Yankees: Phil BickfordRHP/1B, Oaks Christian HS (California)

The concentration on pitching continues. Phil Bickford already boasts 3 plain pitches and will be a good get for a Yanks during No. 32.


33. New York Yankees: Hunter Harvey, RHP, Bandys HS (North Carolina)

One some-more pitching plan for a Yankees, and this one comes with utterly a pedigree, as Hunter’s father Brian was an All-Star closer and his hermit Kris is now in a minors. Not a bad transport for a Yankees in a initial round.


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