Hypersensitive college professor asks hypersensitive president-elect to protect him from his hypersensitive students

Mark Bauerlein

Mark Bauerlein [youtube]

First Things senior editor and Emory English professor Mark Bauerlein is intimidated by his college students. He says that on his campus, “Nobody wants to provoke others, so everyone carries an invisible trigger-meter” because “hypersensitivity is out of control.” And he wants Donald Trump’s administration to do something about it: “Recognizing that sensitivity is charted on racial and sexual differences, the new administration should attack school policies that aggravate them.” Wow. While I’ve never been a fan of First Things‘ condescending curmudgery, most of what they produce is at least intellectually serious. Bauerlein’s CNN piece is a textbook example of white male fragility and should be an embarrassment to thoughtful conservatism.

Bauerlein, who endorsed Trump for president, describes how he wishes that his academic quad were more like a Trump rally: