Most Popular College Majors in 2014

10 Most Popular College Majors of 2014

Pre-Med: Why should you chose itThough it includes four years of college going and is very difficult to crack, but if you’re even considering this as an option, you will have to be really good at school. You have to choose science for your plus two and have to be good at mathematics.

Pre-Law: Why should you chose itIt is much simpler than pre-med as all you need to get into law school is a decent GPA in anything and a good score on the LSAT which is just like the SATs plus including a logic section. But you should try and get into a corporate or a government law farm instead of private practicing in a chamber as the above could be more lucrative.

Communications: Why should you chose it If you are blessed with the gift of the gob, than this certainly is your forte. It is one of the most money-making careers. Majoring in Communications is just by appearing for an entrance test with a good general knowledge coupled with few rounds of personal interview and group discussion (depending on the college). This is one of the most eye-rolling, smirk-inducing majors.

English: Why should you chose itYou must definitely be a book worm and enjoy sipping cups of coffee over endless novels. If you choose English as your major, it means you also enjoy writing or is planning to teach in a school or college. All you need to do is sit for an entrance test or score high in the subject at your higher secondary exams. You may also put your degree to good use by writing for the Internet.

Philosophy: Why should you chose itIf you have an inclination towards understanding the human mind and untangling various knots of complications of living, than here is why you can opt for it. It might help you get into lectureship for a profession.

Business: Why should you choose itÂ

So you want to do a lot of calculations as you will be earning huge money by pursuing this subject. You have to be good at numbers and should take up business studies or commerce as your college major and then go for an M.B.A. degree to have a better grasp of the subject.


These days a lot of colleges offer inter-disciplinary courses to choose from as your college major. It is different from traditional undergraduate courses and involves a mix and match of subjects of your choice.

1. Business Administration and Management/Commerce

If you are good at problem solving, number crunching, and decision making, then you must go for it. Great communication skills! While studying business, you will be a whiz accounting, finance, marketing, and economics, statistics, and human resources functions. This major will give you a diverse knowledge on ethics, politics, and other dynamics that play a role in every work environment.

2. Nursing and psychology

Compassionate individuals in the world of medicine and knowledge about human mind will take you great way with this choice. In the course of evaluating, diagnosing, and treating health problems, you will also unwind complicated minds and solve mental problems.

3. Biological Sciences

If you want to get involved with organisms to cloning procedures, biology is your arena. You can study human, plants, animals, and the environments in which they live, and studies are conducted at the cellular level, the ecosystem level. You might combine it with medicine or ecology or environment.

4. Education

So you enjoy teaching and have Patience. Creativity. Dedication. With this major, you can also learn communication and interaction skills. It will help you to adapt the technique of exercising a good public relation.

5. Political Science and Government

If you like current events and sophisticated statistical analysis, then we suggest you take up this major. You can combine politics with public policy, foreign affairs, political philosophy, and comparative government. It will help you upgrade an understanding of history and culture.

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