Students Earn Second Chance At High School Diploma



A matter of second chance played out well for some people who decided to go back to school and get their high school diploma.

82 students graduated from E. L. High School, Saturday.

Founder of the school and Macon city council member, Elaine Lucas, says the program provides an option for students who failed the Georgia CRCT test.

Other graduates say the program allowed them to return to school and study at their own pace.

Students who completed at least 50 hours of community service, and honor students earned medallions.

The graduates say they’re now prepared to attend college and start new careers.

“I’m just proud that I decided to go back to school because I need my education, and I need my diploma to get a better job,” said Stacey Odom.

Christopher Johnson said, “It’s always a sign that God puts you in this situation for a reason. So, this is my situation and I’m taking a grasp for it, putting a handful on it and going with it.”

More than 300 people have received diplomas from E. L. High School, since it’s opening 2 years ago.

The school operates year round and holds 3 graduation ceremonies per year.