Tomorrow’s Top 25 Today: Week 4

Carlos Hyde and Ohio State annihilated Florida AM. Will a electorate care? (USATSI)

Each Saturday night, a Eye on College Football organisation takes a best theory during what we’ll see on Sunday morning from a AP Top 25. Here’s where a check stood entering this week, and here’s a Week 3 projection, that will be updated as formula are finalized late Saturday (last week’s ranking in parentheses):

1. Alabama (1): Tide honestly did not demeanour like a No. 1 group in a country, during one indicate early in a fourth entertain punting behind to Colorado State while “clinging” to a 17-6 lead. Two late touchdowns finished a measure a small some-more aesthetically pleasing, yet Nick Saban won’t be happy with anything yet a check in a win column.

2. Oregon (2): Ducks took a week off, and after prior dual weeks seem some-more expected to pierce adult than down. (They won’t pierce up.)

3. Clemson (3): The Tigers maybe didn’t do what a No. 3 group would have finished on a highway during NC State, winning by reduction than dual touchdowns. But in winning a diversion when their offense wasn’t clicking on all cylinders, they also did something many prior Clemson teams wouldn’t have finished on a highway during NC State.

4. Ohio State (4): Buckeyes obliterated Florida AM 76-0. Voters might move them adult after Clemson’s performance, and they might move them down after Stanford’s clever outing. We’ll separate a disproportion and keep them during No. 4.

5. Stanford (5): For 3 quarters, chewed adult Arizona State and separate them out. For one quarter, took their feet off a pedal. Will it cost them a shot during relocating adult to No. 4?

6. LSU (6): Speaking of a nipping up/spitting out/foot off a pedal thing, a Tigers non-stop adult a 21-0 lead on Auburn before a other Tigers fought behind and came within 5 yards of creation it a one-score game. Nonetheless: win during Georgia subsequent week, and a tip 5 beckons.

7. Louisville (7): FIU qualifies as “FBS competition” in usually a very, very loosest clarity of a term.

8. Florida State (8): Winstonwatch: 10/19, 148 yards, 2 touchdowns. Doubled his incompletions for a season. Still with an 8-to-1 TD-to-INT ratio, though.

9. Georgia (9): Score was reduction graceful to Bulldogs than a box score, where they outgained North Texas — not a bad group — by 400 yards. Special teams is a vital issue, though.

10. Texas AM (10): Aggies took out frustrations on overmatched SMU.

11. Oklahoma State (11): The Cowboys had a week off.

12. South Carolina (12): And hey, so did a Gamecocks. Thrilling week we’ve had in college football.

13. UCLA (13): On it goes, given personification New Mexico State is a closest thing to a bye week this side of FIU. Bruins were adult 31-0 during halftime.

14. Oklahoma (14): Yet another bye week. Hurry up, Week 5.

15. Miami (16): Bludgeoned poor, bad Savannah State.

16. Washington (17): Bludgeoned somewhat less-poor Idaho State.

17. Michigan (15): Wolverines came behind from 14-point second-half necessity to kick UConn, yet after already dinging Michigan for narrowest of escapes vs. Akron, electorate competence retaliate Brady Hoke and Co. again. Three teams have left to Storrs — FCS Towson, Maryland, and now a Wolverines — and Michigan was simply a slightest considerable of a three.

18. Baylor (20): Ho-hum, another 63-point win, this time opposite a decent ULM group that won during Wake Forest in Week 3. Is there a some-more intriguing group in a country? After confronting Wofford, Buffalo and a Warhawks, is there one any some-more unproven?

19. Northwestern (18): Didn’t shillelagh Maine, yet still, that’s another FCS patsy. Of a tip 18 teams in final week’s AP poll, 10 possibly had a bye week, faced an FCS group or FIU.

20. Florida (19): Gators finished adult violence Tennessee sincerely absolutely and don’t demeanour to have a high drop-off with Tyler Murphy during a controls, yet they also got a metric ton of first-half assistance from a Vols.

21. Ole Miss (21): Oh, hey, a Rebels had a week off.

22. Notre Dame (22): Brian Kelly has now won 10 of his past 11 games motionless by 7 points or less. You competence roughly call it a fitness of a something or other.

23. Wisconsin (24): Looked each bit a Big Ten contender in outstanding Purdue. The Badgers’ revisit to Columbus looks like maybe a diversion of a Big Ten’s season.

24. Texas Tech (25): Red Raiders took their time about putting Texas State away, yet they got there.

25. Fresno State (NR): Flip a silver between a Bulldogs or a Yellow Jackets, yet Fresno had corner in voting final week and kick a Boise group that still carries some name recognition.

Also underneath consideration: Georgia Tech.

Projected to tumble out of rankings: Arizona State.

Post will refurbish via Saturday evening. Teams noted with an asterisk have games ongoing still within a reasonable doubt. Projection assumes Stanford binds on to better Arizona State.

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