Top 5 Colleges according to U.S News

Every upcoming college student dreams to be admitted to a top college. A college or university that can help them hone their skills and mold them into becoming well-equipped individuals. Finding the best college is the first step in achieving this dream. Once you’ve find the perfect college or university for you, you can now start applying for your admission.

To help you out, here are the top colleges, according to U.S. News, that you can pick from.


Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this university was founded on 1636. Harvard is very famous not just in the United States, but in every part of the world, as well, because of its rich history, wealth, influence and level of excellence. It is the oldest university in the US. Harvard, as a top college, is dedicated in providing excellence in learning, training, research and many more. The university aims to develop their students and become globally competitive. Harvard offers different courses under the domain of arts, science, medicine and business. Also, this university greatly supports sports. The university houses various varsity teams that are highly competent in their own field.


Princeton University, like Harvard, is one of the eight universities under the Ivy League. It is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and was established on 1746. This university is considered a private research institution. They offer graduate and undergraduate courses in engineering, social science, natural sciences and many more. Unlike Harvard, Princeton doesn’t have medicine, divinity, law and business schools. However, Princeton University is a famous research university known in many parts of the world.


Yale University, together with Harvard and Princeton, is coined as one of the Big 3 universities in the United States. It is found in New Haven, Connecticut and considered as the third-oldest college in America. Yale offers varied instructions in mathematics, sciences, arts, medicine and many more. It has updated libraries, museums, centers and various programs.


A top college by its own right, Columbia University was established in 1754 – the fifth oldest university in the US. It can be found in New York City. Columbia is offering numerous instructions under the domain of natural sciences, applied sciences, arts, social sciences, journalism, medicine, law, and many more. This university also supports sports like the previous universities. Moreover, this top college is well diverse when it comes to various centers, specified programs and research facilities.


This university can be found in Pasadena, California and was established on 1891 by Amoos G. Throop as a vocational and preparatory school. California Institute of Technology or Caltech has been a home to numerous great scientists that left helpful discoveries in the domain of science and technology. One example is Carl Anderson who discovered positron or anti-electron (anti-matter). Caltech has housed scientists and professors that have been awarded of Nobel Prizes. The university focuses mainly on sciences especially engineering.


These are just five of many other colleges in the United States that you can check out before enrolling. But these are those colleges that are on top. It is important that you pick the best institutions out there. Enrolling in a top college will help you secure a better future. So pick one wisely.